JCE Pro Content Editor

Joomla JCE Pro Content Editor 2.8.12

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JCE Pro v2.6.38 für Joomla! 2.5 und 3.x.

JCE Pro v2.8.12 für Joomla! 3.x und 4.x.

JCE Editor
  • PRO Inserting images into columns would sometimes leave a space above the image​
  • PRO An image inserted directly inside a column (not within an existing paragraph) was sized incorrectly​
  • Drag & Drop of an image into the editor would insert the base64 encode version of no plugins were configured for inline upload.​
  • CTRL + SHIFT + V would not paste plain text.​
  • Pasting content from Word would show an image placeholder in Chrome / WebKit.​
  • Adding Google pseudo tags to the Extended Elements list would result in a javascript error​
  • An image inserted directly into the editor using drag & drop would not display after upload if the Filesystem Allow Root Access option is enabled.​
  • An issue loading custom css files for the Style Select list could cause the editor to become unusable in custom fields.​
  • Some select lists in the Styles dialog were displaying incorrectly​